Smartgrader EVO in de actie!

Fast and accurate registration of your product

With the SmartGrader SG READER you can register your potatoes quickly and accurately. You can use the information for cultivation measures, control the process during processing / sorting and e.g. at delivery, information about the length of the potatoes and average weight etc.. You can send the data directly via your Smartphone, tablet or PC […]

SmartGrader next level grading!

(Nederlands) Meerwaarde Smartgrader bij een probleempartij groot

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Grading forest trees

Grading and counting foresttrees. Doubling grading capacity with less workers.

(Nederlands) Smart Visions for UAV’s Drones

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Training support

Ana Vita specializes in working with products of nature and therefore knows that each batch can be different every year. This makes our job so varied and fascinating. Through good recording and analyzing the differences can be visualized, which leed to customize the processes. For example registration field samples.

Elektronic sorting on growing cracks

This year there is a lot of attention to growth cracks. With the help of new vision techniques to detect the cracks, and good to sort out. Several parties have been read in tear this year !! Questions please let me know !!

Precision Farming with Study group “De Wadden”

With a group of practical innovative growers, Ana Vita continuously analyse processes and analyzing new technology. For example; the use of several sensors,

Vision projects by Nurseries

The registration and development of quality criteria next to size measuring and counting.

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